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The advantages of a stable and safe product

Our purpose is not to sell products at low prices. Our goal is to sell a product that lasts over time and that become a part of person's life.

Marco Gatti , CEO Elio Green Power Italia

4 good reasons to choose a Sheenly's product.

Don't worry about the quality

The colour rendering index (CRI) is up to 80 to guarantee the yield of thing lighted. We thought of everything in fact, our products are covered by insurance against third party damages and the products are certificated under the most important standards UL, IK08, Reach 53, IEC 62471, EN62031, CE, RoHS. We are able to very big production capability with over 30000 pieces per month.

  • Our LED Panels have 5 years warranty and 3 years warranty in the driver
  • The driver is always included on the price
  • Very thin thickness 9mm (ECO Serie) 12mm (PRO Serie)

Good energy saving

We take attention to the environment and the impact that the products have on it. For this reason, we commit to respect all the international norms. From the choosing of the single component to the batch production. We check that the production process is in line to what the last environmental guideline says.

  • Our LED Panels have a good efficiency of di 84 lm/W against 70/75 lm/W of the competitors
  • You can save money from the energy costs right now
  • All our products are made eco-friendly

Good color

For us, the light and the colour are the most important thing. We have chosen a colour grade that allow do not damage the eyes and that results pleasant. We are convinced that the products must have a good performance, but also who use the products live a good experience.

  • The chip LED came from the one chromatic zone (Bin) under the chromatic diagram CIE 1931
  • The LED Panel cover is milky in order to avoid eye problems
  • Our LED Panels do not have problem of light reflection

Available options

What asked again to one product? We give you the possibility to operate in different ways, easily and without problems. A very difference in respect of the competitors products.

  • DALI system control
  • Emergency Kit system
  • The LED Panels are already suitable for the dimmable system

Our projects around the world

They are not only LED Panels with all the right features, but we are speaking of a product thought for all the customers that need efficiency, quality and best design. The Sheenly products have been designed for industrial/commercial and domestic installations and they are the perfect solution for any project. We took a look to other products on the market and we noticed that some of them have common features. The first is that they have poor efficiency and do not have a good light distribution. The second is that they use components with very low costs offering bad performances.

Fabio Gaudimonte , Sales Manager, Elio Green Power Italia

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