Led panels

Choice from more than 50 typology of LED panels.

All our LED panels have an high lighting efficiency that guarantee low energy consumption and a big energy saving.

They are the best choice for the traditional lighting substitution, presentint a nice design. Our LED panels can be installed in both commercial and domestic use.

How to understand that a LED panel is better than others? From the outside view you can not see the difference because they are all similar. The difference is inside, on the components used.

From the efficiency point of view the primary factor is the use of the. guide light and the coverThe thickness of the guide light is very important. The PRO Serie has 4mm thickness, while the ECO Serie has 3mm thickness. Many manufacturers use thickness too thin and this undermines the efficiency. We use a guide light made in Japan that ensure optimum performance.
As for the cover we use only PMMA, some competitors use the cover in PS to cut the costs, but this cover in a short time tends to become dark/blue.

Another factor to consider is the use of power supplies. Our products all power supplies have the TUV certifications. They are isolated and have a double sheath in PCB.

The LED chips are all taken from a single BIN to ensure the best colour consistency.

The internal structure has made in order to protect the components against the dust.

See the Tecnical specifications and some example of Installations

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Technical specification
LED panels

Check the specifications of our product LED.
Obtain always the maximum both efficiency and quality guarantee a low enviromental impact to a vey competitive prices.
Lighintg efficiency of panel led 50W till to 85 lm/W certifified by German laboratory with  CRI up to 80.

Report test

Test: U: 220.4V I: 0.2538A P:54.50W PF:0.9745 Lamp Flux: 4648,7x1 lm

MODEL: LED Imax (cd): 1627 S/MH (C0/180): 1,25
NOMINAL POWER (W): 50 LOR (%): 100,0 S/MH (C90/270): 1,26
Rated Voltage (V): 220 TOTAL-FLUX(lm):4648,7 η UP (C0/180): 0,00
NOMINAL FLUX (lm): 4648,7 CTE CLASS: Direct η DN (C0/180): 50,5
LAMPS INSIDE:1 η up (%):0,0 η UP (C180/360):0,0
TEST VOLTAGE (V):220,0 η down (%):100,0 η DN (C180/360):49,5

Constructive elements

  • Frame and back side in aluminium per a good heat dissipation
  • Patended PMMA
  • More than 90% of light transmittance
  • Thin Design (less than 12 mm)
  • Chip led chosen on only 2 BIN class
  • Electric system on the board to high conductivity, allow to reduct the thermal heat generation

3 colour temperatures

Selezionate in un range di soli 300 K

Costant current

The led panels are powered by costant current


All the led panels are alredy fitted to be dimmable and work with DALI protocol

Emergency Kit

On request is possible to have an emergency kit with 3 hours back up.

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