5 LED Myths to Dispel

False commonplaces and myths to dispel about LEDs in order to comprehend their potenzial and benefits.    Among modern sustainable lighting devices, the interest in LED lights has been rising for both home and industrial lighting. However, though benefits on energy savings are pretty evident, a lot of misconceptions about this technology still circulate. So, […]

Beam Angle

How to estimate the amount of  the surface illuminated by an LED device thanks to the beam angle Light emission is not the same for every LED products. Each lamp has a beam angle that determines the amount of light that reaches a surface. To estimate the product, first of all we need to find […]

Urban Farming with LED Lights

LED lighting can improve food production Imagine cultivating at your house all the food you need. It would be great, wouldn’t it? Thanks to LED lighting, this does already happen in some warehouses, like Green Sense Farm in Chicago, and it could be a future standard for urban farming, in order to face modern world […]

LED lights for Feng Shui

Some tips about lighting harmony with LEDs If you are a Feng Shui enthusiast (and even if you’re not and just got curious about it), we suggest some practical advices to light up your home with LEDs, accordingly to this Chinese philosophical system. Feng Shui is based on flowing energy (chi) and since light is a flux of […]

Benefits of led

How LED technology can help our elderlies to live better and more safely One of the most discussed issue of modern times is about senior care, as the number of elderlies increases year by year. Ageing means overcoming a lot of challenges from social, health, and economic perspectives. How can we improve our elderlies’ life […]

Led Technology

The advantages The most asked question about LED technology is: Why should I replace my traditional lighting system with a LED one? There are plenty of reasons, but we can sum them up in three keywords: energy saving, sustainability and duration. Let’s see, each and every point, all LED lighting benefits. ENERGY SAVING With LED […]

Warm or cold light?

A simple guide We know well that the color of the light changes radically the perception of an object, of a room, a panorama. This we can bring both in nature, thanks to sunlight and its reflections, is so artificial, at home, at work, in stores. The illumination color has become crucial to the overall […]

How the led light works

Nowadays LED technology invades our homes, our workplace and our cities without really paying attention to this great discovery. “For the invention of efficient diode emitting blue light that allowed [the realization] of bright white light sources and energy-saving” This is the motivation with which the Royal Academy of Sciences of Sweden awarded the Nobel […]

Special offer for Tube LED

Weekly offer – Valid till 03 Octorber Visit the dedicated page and read all the things for the LED product. For more informations contact us.

International LED & OLED Expo 2014 – South Korea

The International LED & OLED Expo – South Korea is the most important evente on LED lighting . As each year  Sheenly will attend this expo from 24 June to 27 June, to present our products and our services. The exhibition will be a great opportunity to show you how we trust in our job […]

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